The Happy Yellow Car

The Happy Yellow Car

When Betty Grunt's father comes home one day in a glamorous yellow car, her family--from Gretel to Grant to Garth--is thrown into a tizzy. After all, there's a depression on, and who can even afford gasoline?

But Betty has more important things to worry about: Her sixth-grade class has elected her Pork-Fry Queen, and she must somehow come up with a dollar for flowers or else forfeit the title.

Could the answer to her problem lie in a rumor of hidden treasure on the family farm? And if the legend is true, can she find it before the rest of her kith and kind do?



"Horvath's sharp, ingenious country-bumpkin humor is sheer delight, though it will be the more sophisticated readers who'll appreciate the roots from which it's derived. Her mere wisp of a plot gets its zing from the cornball characters (even Betty takes a turn at being a buffoon), and from the slapstick family dynamics that snare readers on the very first page and keep 'em chuckling till the end".
—Stephanie Zvirin , American Library Association.