Lord and Lady Bunny—Almost Royalty!

Lord and Lady Bunny—Almost RoyaltyIn this hilarious sequel to Mr. and Mrs. Bunny—Detectives Extraordinaire!—that even includes a guest appearance by J. K. Rowling a.k.a. "Oldwhatshername"—Madeleine wants nothing more than to save money for college, but her impractical, ex-hippie parents are broke.

When the family unexpectedly inherits a sweet shoppe in England that has the potential to earn serious profit, they see an answer to all their problems. . . .

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Bunny—formerly of the detecting persuasion—are looking for new professions, and Mrs. Bunny decides she would like to be Queen. Soon they, too, are headed across the pond. Brought to you by National Book Award-winning author Polly Horvath and illustrator Sophie Blackall, the adventures of Madeleine and the Bunnys are zanier than ever.

Visit Random House Audio to hear Mrs. Bunny herself read the opening pages.


  • The Canadian Library Association's 2015 Children's Book of the Year (Shortlist)
  • The Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children's Book of the Year (Shortlist)


"The plot is unapologetically preposterous, but the truly witty banter, near-constant conflict and palpable love between Mr. and Mrs. Bunny are both genuinely affecting and uproariously funny. Blackall's elegant, expressive black-and-white illustrations add whimsy to an already effervescent adventure. A purely Horvath-ian (meaning hilarious) hop across the pond." Kirkus Reviews

"Wildly funny, meticulously crafted . . . As in the first book, author, er, translator Horvath includes plenty of satire . . . and, again, more lunacy than you can shake a carrot at . . ." The Horn Book

"Exploits abound, including hedgehog disguises (quills and superglue) and trained magical candy shops. Horvath holds all of this folly together with affectionate characterizations, dazzling wit, and an unflagging commitment to the winding narrative . . . " Booklist

"The comic elements of the story wind and unwind, just as Mrs. Bunny's long furry ears do when she is waltzing, resulting in an extremely funny and dear novel for 8- to 14-year-olds." The Wall Street Journal

"Imagine if Tina Fey wrote a middle grade novel . . . National Book Award-winning novelist Polly Horvath puts laughs and excitement on every page. Her latest is a page-turner, but be sure to take time to savor every bit of her wacky, yet sophisticated humor." BookPage