Mr. and Mrs. Bunny—

Detectives Extraordinare!

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny—Detectives ExtraordinaireMadeline's parents have gone missing. Her only clues? A note tacked on the fridge from someone called The Enemy, a file card covered in a squiggly secret code, and dozens of red eyes staring out the blackened windows of a car she saw speeding down her driveway.  And Madeline could swear the driver was a fox . . .

Luckily, Madeline encounters two bunnies who have decided to take up detective work (detectives get to wear fedoras) and are willing to come to her aid—pro bono. And if her parents' kidnappers are foxes, who better than rabbit detectives to sniff them out?

Together, Madeline and Mr. and Mrs. Bunny confront evil foxes, a marmot named The Marmot, and the dreaded Bunny Council to solve the Case of the Missing Parents. Here's a madcap, hilarious romp that is also a touching story about family and trust.

Written by Mrs. Bunny, translated from the Rabbit by Polly Horvath, and beautifully illustrated by Sophie Blackall, Mr. and Mrs Bunny—Detectives Extradinaire! is published by Random House/Schwartz and Wade.

About the author:

Author PortraitMrs. Bunny lives in Rabbitville in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She is married to Mr. Bunny and has twelve children. This is her first book.


Special: Mrs. Bunny converses.


  • An  Amazon 2012 Best Books of 2012
  • A Washington Post Best Kids Book of 2012
  • An Indigo Top 10 Kid's Book for 2012
  • The Gold Award in the Fiction category of the 2013 Spring Parents' Choice Awards
  • Short-listed for Germany's most prestigious literature award, the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis


"A classic, with a contemporary resonance and a tone of yesteryear, fairly begging to be read aloud." Booklist, Starred Review.

". . . a profusion of non sequiturs that are, in themselves, worth the price of admission: "'How you do run on and on,' said Mrs. Bunny dismissively while knitting winter underwear out of used dental floss. She had greatly reduced their carbon footprint that year doing this alone." Look not for logic; this is a romp." The Horn Book, Starred Review.

"Energetic pacing, witty prose, and snappy dialogue ("Why don't you come to our hutch for lunch, dear?" Mrs. Bunny says to Madeline. "It's just over those thirty-seven hills") coalesce in what is hopefully the first of many escapades for these unforgettable, bumbling would-be sleuths." Publishers Weekly, Starred Review.

"Horvath takes on the world of talking animals with all the absurdist, satirical panache fans have come to expect from the award-winning author . . .  A wickedly funny ramble. With bunnies." Kirkus Reviews.

"Hilarious, wickedly clever and completely nutty. And thoughtful and wondrous as well. Highly recommended!" Toronto Star

"Hilarious . . . begs for a sequel.'  New York Daily News.

"The look and feel of a classic children's book . . . Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!" Washington Post.

"Even older children in your house will be drawn in. And don't be afraid to read this one aloud. It's important for our sons and daughters to realize that Mom or Dad or Grandma or Grandpa can, on occasion, be a screwball extraordinaire." The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

"Horvath's vivacious pacing keeps readers tuned in and turning pages. Sophie Blackall's illustrations add a perfectly suited old-fashioned stamp to the modern tone of this harebrain tale. Yes, it's kooky, but it's also about kindness, family, and trust. Read it alone, or aloud, but just read it." Parent's Choice